Frequently Asked Questions

Info on Forex Cargo’s Solution to new Customs requirements.


Am I really required to provide a copy of my passport?
• If you are not a Filipino passport holder, you are not required to provide a copy of your passport.
• If your shipment declared value is under Php10,000, you are also not required to provide a copy of your passport.
• If you want to avail of the tax exemption (which limits sending balikbayan boxes to three(3) times per year and total value of boxes not more than Php150,000), then you must provide a copy of your passport. Outside of this condition, you don’t have to provide a copy of your passport.
Am I going to be taxed more for my shipments?
You are exempt from paying additional taxes if:
– Your shipment declared value is under Php10,000.
– You only have one recipient.
– You include a packing list.
For your convenience, use our box order entry which has a built-in packing list.
I heard in the news that customs only accepts 3 Balikbayan boxes per year, is this true? Does this apply to Forex too?
Under the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CTMA) or Balikbayan box privilege, ‘Qualified Filipinos while abroad’ can avail of the Tax and duty-free privilege that allows the sender to send to family members or relatives up to 3 times or shipments in a calendar year and not 3 Balikbayan box per year. The total amount of ALL shipments should not be more than P150,000.00 per calendar year.

No, this does not apply to Forex. We are prepared to help customers to comply with the new BoC requirements by submitting the customer’s Information Sheet through our Online Box Order Entry for fast and easy processing.

How does Forex comply with the new BoC requirements?
We are a consolidator, duly licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission. With this, we offer solutions to our customers regarding Balikbayan box Tax and duty-free privilege as ordered by the Bureau of Customs. Forex shall comply with the BoC regulations by submitting the required Information Sheet, that includes a detailed packing list that will show the number of boxes sent and total value for all. With our current pricing, we will be able to safely and securely process your boxes without any problems and pay the correct taxes on your behalf. This will avoid further inspection and scrutiny from the BoC. Our Online Box Order Entry will soon be accessible to our customers to input the required data on the Information sheet and make the process faster and easier.
I saw the Information Sheet, do I have to fill it up from now on?
Yes, all customers must fill up the Information Sheet every time boxes are sent. We have created the Online Box Order Entry accessible at for your convenience in complying with BoC requirements. This fast and easy-to-fill online form will be available by September 2017.

Forex will do everything for you. We will submit the Information Sheet directly to BoC via email on your behalf, since BoC will not accept paper documentations (hard copy).

Do we need to provide our passports to get tax free balikbayan boxes?
Yes, customers will need to provide a copy of their passport and information required if you are availing of the Balikbayan Box duty-free privilege. When using Forex services, we will require you to fill up the Online Box Order Entry form with the detailed packing list, available at our website. This will ensure smooth processing and compliance with the BoC requirements. With Forex, your boxes will not be subjected to further scrutiny and inspection which can result to pilferage.
What if the sender is not my relative? Does that mean I cannot receive boxes anymore?
Sending to a RELATIVE is a requirement IF you are availing of the duty-free privilege. If not, you can send to anybody as long as you comply with the requirements of the BoC.
The Philippines has changed the rules on Balikbayan boxes, do I now have to pay additional Customs fees?
The BoC is closely monitoring those who are sending commercial items in their boxes. If you are sending food items, used clothes, toiletries and the like, there is no need to be fearful.

We can assure customers that when you fill up the required Information sheet through the Online Box Order Entry and declare everything in the packing list, you can send your boxes as usual.

How will this affect your business and me?
These changes were meant to regulate the purpose of Balikbayan box sending. It should not affect our business, better yet, it has created an opportunity to serve our customers better. With the new BoC regulations, we have created the Online Box Order Entry, that would allow us to collect necessary information from the senders. This will be submitted electronically on your behalf. BoC will not accept hard copies. Using our Online Box Order Entry will ensure smooth and safe processing of your boxes.
How does BOC charge taxes for customers sending commercial goods when they declare the actual value of the commodity?
We have created the Online Box Order Entry to fully declare the items you wish to send. If you are a customer sending commercial goods, you will have to click on the icon that will allow the system to compute and give a quote to process your shipment. With the quote, we leave you with the decision to ship your packages through Forex. The quote presented covers all taxes and duties necessary to release your shipments without any problems.
With the new rules regarding Balikbayan boxes going into effect on August 1, we have some boxes that were sent in June and July, but won't arrive until the middle or end of August. Do you know if those boxes will encounter any problem in Manila, since we didn't know about the new rules when we sent them? Also, do you happen to know if Filipino expat residents will be able to send boxes under the new rules, or do you have to hold a Filipino passport?
All boxes received by Forex before the changes should not encounter any problems.

Restrictions regarding sending of Balikbayan boxes only affects those who will avail of the duty-free privilege. If you will not avail of the tax exemption, you may continue to send your Balikbayan box as usual.

Does the new government policies and requirement on Balikbayan boxes would have effect on Balikbayan box consolidation and online shopping? Would there be new taxes or requirements?
With Forex, you do not have to worry as long as you comply with our requirements for BoC compliance. (please fill up Online Box Order Entry)
Are there any new rules we need to prepare for in order to receive the package or just maintain the status quo?
Yes, there are new rules that would take effect by August 1, 2017, but by using our form in the website (Online Box Order Entry), it would ensure compliance.


I have other concerns, where can I reach you?

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