Packing Tips

Here are some of the useful tips you can use when packing your boxes.

  1. Use ample and appropriate support for packaging. Choose the proper space filler or pads to support certain item(s).
    • You may use newspapers, any cushioning material or bubble wrap to fill spaces and prevent movement in your package during shipping.
    • Wrap item(s) individually with the appropriate support and position them preferably in the middle of your box.
    • Fragile item(s) should be packed properly with a bubble wrap to avoid breakage or damage.
    • Fragile item(s) should be packed on top of any heavy item to avoid breakage or damage.
  2. Use appropriate packaging – choose the proper container or package that will be able to hold all your item(s).
  3. Avoid spills of granular item(s), small parts or liquid item(s) by securely covering it with additional packaging, such as placing it in a sealed container or using packing tape.
  4. Do not include item(s) that are not allowed or prohibited. See list here.
  5. Seal your box or package appropriately by using adhesive packing tapes that are sturdy.
  6. Label your box or package appropriately.
    • Write legibly or print out the following information and attach it to your box or package.
      • Complete Name of the recipient of the box or package.
      • Updated Address of the destination of the box or package (include Zip Code).
      • Updated Contact details of the recipient of the box or package.
  7. Declare all the contents of your box or package.
    • Enumerate all the item(s) included in your box or package.
    • Make sure that all the contact information of the sender and the recipient is updated. This ensures that Forex will be able to contact you or your recipient easily for any concerns.
  8. Advise the recipient of your package to prepare a valid identification that must be presented upon delivery of the box or package.
    • Should you need to have a proxy to receive your box or package, kindly have them prepare the following:
      • Valid Identification of Proxy
      • Authorization letter, authorizing the proxy to receive the box or package.
      • Valid copy of identification of original recipient.

**Note: For any concerns or changes in information immediately notify us (link to contact us) to avoid inconvenience and delays.