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Why choose Packypack?

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How can I ship with Packypack?

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How are Packypack rates calculated?

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General Questions

What is Packypack?

Packypack allows you to shop internationally – in U.S. and in Canada – and ship these international purchases to the Philippines safely, securely, and economically.

How does Packypack work?

Packypack gives you different virtual shipping addresses to choose from. We have warehouses in the U.S. (California, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia), and in Canada.

Why choose Packypack?

 With 10 years of shipping, we have strict measures
in place to secure your packages.

We conduct quality assurance to check
that your items are correct.

You can choose from any of our Packypack warehouses
for faster delivery or for increased savings
related to applicable sales tax in the warehouse you selected.

Store your packages for 30 days for free if
you need more time to shop.

Consolidate your packages or have them shipped
directly with no additional charges.

Pay conveniently via bank deposit,
credit card, Dragonpay and GCash.

Send and track your packages with just a few clicks
with our Packypack Mobile App.

Get in touch with our 24×7 customer support team
via chat, phone and email.

What are you waiting for? Packypack it now with Forex!

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we do. You can now ship and track your packages from U.S. and Canada – with a few clicks, perfect for avid shoppers like you.

How do I get a discount?

Sign up to our Forex VIP program, a loyalty membership program, where you automatically get 5% discount or $4* all year long, everytime you Packypack it with Forex.

*Applicable to the lower discount.

How do I get started?


Create a Packypack account and get a free
U.S. and CA shipping address.



Shop online from U.S. and CA stores
and send to any Packypack warehouse address.



We will consolidate your online purchases for you
and ship to your Philippine address.


How can I ship with Packypack?

How to Get FREE U.S. and CA Address

How to Shop from Multiple U.S. and CA Stores Online

How to Consolidate Items for Shipping

Can I expedite shipping?

We recommend AirForex for any item you would like to ship right away.

Items to Ship and Shop

Is there a limit to the quantity of items I can ship?

There is no limit as to the quantity of the items which can be shipped. However, certain quantities of such items are subject to commercial shipping fees.

Chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500.

Are there prohibited items?

Laws vary by country. The list of items below cannot be shipped hence, Packypack may refuse to ship confirmed orders which will fall under Categories of Prohibited Items. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and that restrictions are constantly changing. We’ll do our best to update this page as we receive updates, but ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring that the items you purchase, comply with all government and carrier restrictions.

If you have concerns about the product, chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500 before you make your purchase.

Categories of Prohibited Items:

Aerosols, liquids, knives, commercial quantities of items.
Car and motorcycle engines
Drugs and other prohibited substances
Explosives and Flammable materials
Gambling paraphernalia
Gun parts and accessories (e.g. Reloaders)
Jewelry (e.g. Pandora charms, Swarovski)
Lewd, obscene and pornographic materials
Money orders
Precious Metals
Precious Stones (e.g. Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)
Toy Guns
Travelers’ checks
Aerosols, liquids, knives, commercial quantities of items for AirForex

Is there a weight limit for my packaged items?

Sea or Ocean: There is no specified weight limit. However, we highly recommend that your packaged items should easily be handled by at most two (2) people to ensure proper handling and storage.

Only our Gardena warehouse accepts palletized shipments and select auto parts.

AirForex:  Weight and package restrictions may apply.  

Chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500.

Storage and Packing

Can I store my items at your Packypack warehouse?

As a Packypack customer, you may have package stored in any of our Packypack warehouses for up to thirty (30) days from the time which your first package has been received in the warehouse. Packages stored beyond this time will be charged a minimum of 10 USD (or its equivalent in CAD or EUR) per month per Packypack box, until it is shipped out.

Packages stored in any of our Packypack warehouses for more than six (6) months will be discarded.

Packages not claimed from our Philippine warehouse within six (6) months will be discarded.

Will my items be shipped in its original packaging?

Your items will be shipped in its original manufacturer’s packaging, unless otherwise instructed. As part of our consolidation service, we can open and inspect all packages to ensure accuracy and condition of your items. However, electronics are not checked for testing. 

Shipping Rates and Payments

How are Packypack rates calculated?

Click here for shipping rates specific to each warehouse.

Got an odd-sized package? Use our calculator.

There is an additional fee for the following items that require extra TLC:
– Special packing fee of $10 for fragile items that include toys, bottles, glassware, trading cards, tools, electronics, collectibles and commercial items

– Commercial fee of $25 per box for commercial shipments

– Repacking service fee of $10 for Packypack Air and Sea beyond the initial consolidation request. 

How do I pay?

You may pay with your credit card or debit card, or deposit or transfer the payment to our Banco De Oro bank account via bank transfer, Gcash, Paymaya, or DragonPay.

Are my packages insured with Packypack?

Your packages are insured up to a maximum of $500 depending on the size of the box used, and the value of the items included in the package.

Will I be taxed for my shipment?

Usually, we include taxes and customs documentations in our charges for Sea/Ocean and AirForex.  However, these charges may be subject to change. Please ensure that all items are valued precisely to avoid any problem.

Chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500.

Shipping Time

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Sea/Ocean estimate transit period*

Departing California

To Metro Manila: approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks

To Provinces: approximately six (6) weeks to eight (8) weeks

Departing Virginia 

To Metro Manila: approximately six (6) weeks to eight (8) weeks 

To Provinces: approximately seven (7) weeks to eight (8) weeks

Departing Winnipeg

To Metro Manila: approximately six (6) weeks to eight (8) weeks 

To Provinces: approximately seven (7) weeks to eight (8) weeks

AirForex estimate transit period*

Departing California, Virginia or Illinois

To Metro Manila: approximately seven (7) to nine (9) days

To Key Cities outside of Metro Manila: Chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500.

*Transit period starts from the time the boxes are loaded in our container(s) and leave the port. Certain delays may affect the transit time (i.e., random inspection from the U.S. or Canada or Philippine Customs, weather conditions, and other unexpected instances beyond the control of Packypack). Rest assured that you will be informed of such delay and we will do our best when this happens.

How do I check the status of my shipment?
There are many ways you can check the status of your shipment:

Download the Forex Cargo mobile app available in iOS and Android to track the status of your shipment. You will find the tracking number of your box in your Packypack invoice.

Visit our website and type the box number in the box where it says, ‘Check the status of your shipment.’

Chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500.

The tracking information is not real-time as it may take a few days for the status to be updated, depending on the information provided by respective warehouses. 

Is there a way to expedite the delivery of my shipment?

As part of our commitment in providing a high level of service, you may reach out to us if you would like to inquire about a possible special pickup arrangement of your package from eShip Door-to-Door, our delivery partner in the Philippines.

Chat with us in, or email us at, or contact our 24×7 hotline at +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500.

Do I need to show proof of identification upon delivery of my Packypack box/es?

From time to time, we may request for a valid government ID, especially in instances when the name of the Recipient is different from the name of the Sender. Rest assured that this is only for your protection and for fraud prevention.

Returns and Claims

Can I return an item to the online retail store where I made the purchase from?

We encourage you to communicate with the online retail store, as many issues can be resolved to both parties’ satisfaction. 

Packypack and Forex Cargo, Inc. DOES NOT OFFER any refunds, warranties or returns of its own. 

Packypack and Forex Cargo, Inc. is not responsible for defective items once it has been delivered to any Packypack warehouse.

How do I file a claim for missing items in my package?

If you believe that your item is missing as it is not reflected in the list of itemized items under your Packypack account, which means that it was not received in the Packypack warehouse, contact your respective online retail store to make a report. 

If your item has been received and itemized by the Packypack warehouse, but it is missing or appears to be damaged, you may file a claim by sending the information below to

  1. Subject: Online Shopping – Request for Claim
  2. Box/Tracking#
  3. Sender’s Name
  4. Recipient’s Name
  5. Contact Information
  6. Delivery Location
  7. Images to Support Claim for Damages or Missing Items
  8. Detailed Description of Claim


Customer Engagement

Where can I leave positive and constructive feedback?

You may leave us a review in our Facebook Page, Packypack by ForexThis is important to us. You are important to us.

How do I get updates on sale events and promotions?

As a Packypack customer, you will receive updates via email or SMS. 

Also, follow our Packypack social media channels:

How do I get in touch with Packypack?

 +1 (855) 77FOREX or +63 2 5317 8500

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